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Getting Fed Up With Tumblr

1) I don’t like hitting Publish and waiting five minutes for a post to go public

2) Video can only embed one video at a time

3) Videos embedded in Text don’t appear in Dashboard to others

4) There are no Stats here, unlike WordPress

5) There’s no PC XML export and I’m beginning to think my stuff will be trapped here

I’m looking at WordPress themes right now. I might go back to that.

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The world the oligarchs want.

The world the oligarchs want.

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Then there are the truly ignorant. Who say let’s just pray to God, cut taxes and eliminate all government spending. This is exactly what the rapers and pillagers want, don’t you see! An unregulated world where they can extract even more profit, as roads, bridges and entire cities crumble, all the while telling you that you need to swallow strong medicine while they go on in perfect health.
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Labor Day is approaching. Ouch. It always seems to be in September-October when the wheels come off Wall Street. Think 2008. Think 1987. Think 1929. Statistically, there actually is a “September effect.” The market, on average, has done worse in that month than any other. No one really knows why. Some have even blamed the psychological effect of shortening days. But it becomes self-reinforcing: People fear it, so they sell.
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Book People: STOP It Already!!

You are driving me mad.

The stupidity about the “look, smell, and feel” of books.

Now utter crap about the disappearance of “personal libraries.”

I didn’t see any of this about the transition from Compact Discs to downloads.

I didn’t see any of this about the transition from DVDs to streaming video.

You’re all a bunch of crybabies and you give books a bad name.

You’re supposed to be smarter than this.

Start showing it!

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BBC: Sherlock, Episode 3

Well, when I first posted about this series, I felt unlcean about it.

All three of the episodes have run — so how do I feel about it now?

It’s bloody genius! Absolute genius!

Episode 1 was really genius, but the update to modernity was really jarring.

Episode 2 was utter nonsensical rubbish that was boring as hell.

Episode 3 was back to stunning genius!

Moffat wrote the first, co-creator Gatiss the third.

And they both have a thorough understanding of what they want to do with the series — something the guy in the middle didn’t have a clue about (and that episode was so bad, I didn’t bother with screensnaps).

Director McGuigan has developed a signature look for the series. This is something that hasn’t really been seen in TV since the days of Miami Vice.

Photography, composition, just brilliant. And perfect pacing.

Where everything went wrong with the middle episode, everything went right this time.

If you haven’t seen this, you must. And you must endure the hell of the second episode if only for the development of the John Watson character. Everything else in that episode is otherwise terrible.

By the end of this third one, I was no longer thinking back to the Conan Doyle stories, comparing. They pulled off creating a new Sherlock that can stand on its own.

Brilliant work!

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We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.
Benjamin Franklin (Submitted by camiwiseman) (via quote-book) (via nighton) (via cti97)
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And what are you thinking?

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Robert Reich: Forget a Double Dip. We're Still in One Long Big Dipper.

Also: To put more money in consumer’s wallets, eliminate payroll taxes on the first $20K of income (and make it up by applying payroll taxes to incomes over $250K.)

— that’s how the tax system should have been set up to begin with. If the lowest percentile can keep every cent they make, there’d be less need for welfare and far less tax cheating at the bottom. Tax cheating could go back to being a sport of the very rich.